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So after the British Museum I started roaming generally southward. I was headed for Trafalgar Square to pay my respects to Nelson, but did not necessarily hurry. The area around there is a very vibrant place, lots of neat shops, theatres, and people. It was quite enjoyable.

And it is good that it was enjoyable for Nelson’s Column was hidden by scaffolding with an advertisement on it. I’m guessing it’s under renovation and I’m hoping that I can see it when I come back. Despite my disappointment in not seeing the Column, it was still a fascinating place. Lots of people roaming around. I was by far not the only tourist. Interestingly, the first monument I saw there was a monument to England from the Commonwealth of Virginia given in 1921. Very interesting that there’s a statue of Washington in Trafalgar Square. Also, I did not stay for the Bollywood concert but they were setting up the stage for that.

Next to Trafalgar Square is St. Martin’s-on-the-Field Church which is really interesting. It has a pretty cool gift shop but what it specializes in is having brass plates to do rubbings. Lots of different plates, including Robert the Bruce, Richard I, and The Black Prince. It’s well worth the peak after seeing Trafalgar square.

Made it back home through the metro and I’m beat.

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