War of the Roses

Well, I just got back to a computer from being at the War of the Roses in Flintheath. I typed in a different post on my computer that I will cut and paste when I have a chance about my travels and some general thoughts, but here is an event report.

The trip to the event was pretty uneventful. The BritRailPass is very smooth and except for the taxi driver taking me to a strip club down the road from the archery club because that was the only club he knew of in the area, it went fine.

The archery club is right along the descent path for Lakenheath airbase. When I was walking along the driveway up to the event an F-15 was landing and it was only about 50 yards away from me. Beautiful. I was too slow, however, to think to get a picture and never had quite the opportunity to do it later.

Dirik and Solange, two friends of mine from Vatavia, took great care of me. They put up their pavilion, provided bedding and feastgear, and pretty much did everything I could want. Bigtime props to them for their help.

Drachenwald is very small people wise, and the event reflected many differences because of that. There were seven fighters. Poor Dirik was in armor about 45 minutes before everyone else was ready to go. The archery club had these foam target animals and when they did start fighting the scenario was a 30minute res battle to gather the animals up. It was pretty fun to watch but damn I wanted to fight.

Last night was a singing circle. Sir Elfin wanted some Calontir songs, so I made sure he heard a few. Genevieve, who is originally from Ealdormere, said she’d heard Ferd do Roland so I did that one. Her Excellency Dorothea, the current Vicereine for Insula Draconis requested some silliness so I did Swing Low Sweet Chariot with hand gestures. She said that was silly enough :). My big highlight was doing the Wanderer. I have now done the Wanderer on a longboat and in England. I’m enough of a goob to think that’s really cool. I ended up singing my voice raw, it was a blast.

Anyway, my plan now is to head to Leeds to see the RAM tomorrow. Depending on rail lines, though, I may go up to York first and come back. We’ll see, but I’m off on the road again.

PS: Words of advice from Dirik: “A bascinet is not an acceptable Valentine’s Day gift, no matter how good the price at Estrella.”

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