Good News, Bad News

OK, so my wish for more paperwork looks like it’s going to come true. That’s part of the good news. Another part of the good news are some of the neat things I’ve found in the last couple of days: a coin, some glazed pottery, a very intact roof tile, some amphorae rims, and other interesting potsherds. The last part of the good news is that I’ve either found a grave or a wall.

Awesome, right? Well, the bad news is that it would have been more awesome if it hadn’t happened on the second to last day of the dig. I’m likely not going to get to excavate what I’ve dug 4 cubic meters of dirt and rock to get to. GRRRR.

Again, I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth. I’m finding lots of neat stuff and I have found a wall that will be excavated more fully in the future so I can take pride in having contributed to the archaeology of Macedonia. Plus, rather than having to backfill my entire pit, I only will have to put down a tarp and then a few inches of dirt. That’s a huge difference.

One more day to go plus Monday to backfill and finish up. I’m not going to miss the walk up and down the mountain. I will, however, miss the dig itself. It’s been very enjoyable and instructive. I’m looking forward to doing other digs at some point in the future.

Yesterday after the dig we did paperwork and evaluation of artifacts all afternoon. We enhanced the process by adding gin & tonics. It was a good afternoon.

Today I’m at an internet cafe and will be roaming the big mall looking for a new suitcase (mine broke) and perhaps new sandals (mine now have a hole in them from too much walking). Here’s hoping I have good hunting.

3 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News”

  1. ” Well, the bad news is that it would have been more awesome if it hadn’t happened on the second to last day of the dig.”

    Again, welcome to archaeology. Unfortunately that seems to happen quite a lot in that field. Too bad, you probably could have been able to actually dig it even if it is a grave (unlike Canada, where the police get called in). 🙁

  2. Histories Writers

    If inner workings of the people who give us the facts of world history involves gin and tonics; it explains a lot. 😉 Solange

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