To evil_fionn

1. If you weren’t able to finish your degree in your chosen subject area, what would you chose next?
Somewhere along the way I figured out that I’m a teacher, so I would get an education certificate. I’m pretty sure I was born to warp the youth of today and tomorrow 🙂

2. What do you consider your worst personality feature?
Whininess and laziness. I need to be much more of a go-getter to actually achieve all of the things I should. Part of this is overcoming my innate tendency to torpedo myself anytime I come close to achieving anything.

3. What is your best, in your opinion?
That’s hard for me to say, I think. I think my sense of humor is probably my best feature. I like that in nearly every picture of me I’m smiling.

4. Considering what a multi-talented individual you are, what peerage do you think would give you the most satisfaction in achieving, Laurel or Knight?
Hmmm, that’s tough. I would say that probably becoming a knight, because it will have been more work and more effort, not that becoming a Laurel would be easy.

5. What brings you the most joy in the SCA?
Helping people enjoy themselves in general, but in particular any time I can create a bit of medieval magic. Probably the best moment ever was thinking about Maerwynn giving out the cups at Gulf War. I didn’t do the work, but it was my idea and I arranged it and I have heard so many people talk about how much those cups meant to them.

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    1. 1. What one non-SCA event (Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, etc.) would you like to experience?

      2. You’ve got lots of pretty shiny big things like a white belt and a Pelican medallion, but which small token from your SCA career do you appreciate most and why?

      3. So let’s rewrite history. Instead of the SCA, you start with another lifelong hobby. What would that hobby have been and what comparable achievements to peerage would you have done?

      4. When you die, and they distribute your body parts to various places as relics, which body part do you think should be most revered and why?

      5. Isn’t it about time we find some nice B&B opportunities in Missouri to bring that wayward squire of yours home?

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