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Time for another Liam-style post. I was chastised, by the way, for making too many points for a Liam-style post. Well, to heck with that, I’m a rebel. If I want to write an extra 42.857% than a the approved Liam-style, then I darn well will.

1. Had a good meeting with my adviser on Friday. I am to get a draft of my Kalamazoo paper by the end of the month. It’s a section of my dissertation adapted to a conference paper. Hopefully the other ten sections of the dissertation that are similar will work as conference papers or journal articles as well.

2. Speaking of writing, I promised a friend that I would write 50,000 words towards a novel in February. She wants to move NaNoWriMo to this month as opposed to November, and that seemed a good idea before I was going to Estrella. I have 2,000 written, so we’ll see.

3. Interestingly, I find when I write fiction I write more on my dissertation and vice versa. I wonder what that says about my research 🙂

4. I feel so pleasantly domestic the last few days. I just put in 8 trays of my normal spicy garlic jerky and 5 trays of an experimental jerk jerky. I also made butter chicken recently. I cheated on the spices, I’ll admit, but my usual method is to use mixes/boxes the first time or two, then start improvising

5. Speaking of writing again, one my favorite writers, Robert B. Parker, died recently. Spenser and Hawk are two of my favorite characters ever. I think Tom Selleck does an amazing job as Jesse Stone. I would love to see, by the way, a new Spenser series with Nathan Fillion.

6. Parker was also an inspiration to my writing, as I read years ago that his process was to start writing and then let things happen. He learned the story as he wrote it. That makes a ton of sense to me, as that’s how I’ve done a number of things like dungeon mastering, so that’s been how I’ve been dabbling with my fiction.

7. So many of my Estrella preparations are done. I am about halfway packed. It looks like this is my year to be the kingdom sherpa, as I’m picking up a bunch of stuff at Clothier’s this weekend.

8. 8. I forgot what 8. was for.

9. So I’ll be driving to Estrella on Sunday marking the end of a long long streak. This is not quite a streak on the order of Finnvarr at Pennsic, but it’s close. I can’t remember the last Super Bowl I didn’t watch. Super Bowl IX maybe? I’ll be on the road during the Super Bowl so I’ll listen on the road, but still…

10. I’m starting to get wayyyy more excited about Estrella than I expected. I haven’t fought much lately and I really need to feel my rattan on someone else’s helm. Practice on Wednesday (in tennis shoes because Rhauidhri has my boots as a pattern for a new pair), and then to WAR!!!!

6 thoughts on “Rebel Rebel”

  1. 2. It’s a thing about writing and how the brain is wired. Whether expository or not: the more you write, the more you write.

    That is to say, when you write of anything, your mind will lend itself more easily to write other things. That’s why one of the classic pieces of advice for fiction writers is to write every day. It doesn’t matter if what you are writing is part of your story. It is a story, which keeps your mind on a certain set of tasks. As the ‘muse’ gets stirred up, it gets going in several directions. Keeping discipline to write the thing you need (for deadline or whatever) is a separate skill, and usually easier to develop. And hey, sometimes, the thing you finish might not be the thing you set out to write, but its a thing and may be the story you should have set out to write.

  2. I would love to read your fiction, if you’re comfortable with that.

    Yay Clothiers! 😀

    Also, yay Super Bowl! Who is your team of choice for the game? (Me? Saints!)

    In conclusion: ♥

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