Here Again

A couple of addendum to the long Rush post.

The crowd at the movie theatre was interesting. I’ve never seen a crowd so focused. It was small, but there was no rustling, movement, or speaking.

Nobody twitched when the credits came up. Nobody twitched after the credits ended, and we were rewarded with another fun comment from Geddy’s mom.

We only moved after the screen went black and the lights came up. This was especially interesting because the movie pointed out that Rush fans come and wait until it’s absolutely positively clear that the concert is done, and not at all before.

As we all got up the various groups all uttered something like:
I can’t wait to August 22nd.

And we all started tossing out when we were going to see them on this tour.

I’m going to see them in Chicago with Ted on July 5th. Tickets are in hand.

I’d like to see them elsewhere as well. Wichita, Aug 20th? St. Louis Aug 22nd? Omaha Aug 25th? Tulsa Sept 21st? I’m hoping to get to one of those.

The one I really want to go to though is July 17th in Toronto. Don’t know as I can afford it so we’ll see.

In any case, this Chicago show will be the 20th time I’ve seen them. Not bad at all really.

One thought on “Here Again”

  1. My personal vote is for Omaha on the 25th, which has the benefit of you possibly being able to come through Lincoln on your way up/back and see me. ;D

    Glad you enjoyed the movie, and I’ll see you when we get to Lilies, which should be around 5ish. *hug in advance*

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