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Greetings all

I think I mentioned last week that I would be recording with the Write Pack Radio broadcast last Sunday. I got my dates confused, I’ll actually be recording with them this Sunday.

We’ll actually be recording two separate shows. The first will be Reacting to Criticism and Editor Comments. I’ve been blessed with a lot of good help to make my novels and I can’t wait to talk about how I rely on them.

The second is a little more tricky,  Plutarch and Writing Non-Fiction. Tricky only in that I haven’t written non-fiction since the last time I really put anything into my dissertation, which has been a few years. Still, I think I can contribute here.

I don’t have the exact dates when the podcasts will be put online, but of course, I’ll post those.

You can find Write Pack Radio and all their podcasts in a number of places, depending upon how you like to listen:

They have graciously invited me not only this week, but a couple more times this year. I really appreciate their kindness and their patience with this podcast newbie.


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