Katayanicum III:2

To the most illustrious and invincible Highness, Prince Verethragnan, heir to the Throne of Unyielding Justice, I, Katayana of Amaranth, sends greetings.

You have asked me, my Prince, to describe for the benefit of your followers the Streams of Magic that exist in Kshiurana. Though I am unworthy of this task, I will attempt to comply with all the meager skill and knowledge at my disposal. I can only hope that You, in Your generosity, will forgive my missteps.

Nearly all know the children’s rhyme that describes the Five Streams. Nostalgia compels me to repeat it here, though of course its familiarity might be tedious.

To change nature’s guise
One needs loves or lives
Stone’s laws or sharp lines
Or lore of the wise

One interesting aspect of this poem that many others might not realize is that most languages have translated this poem into their language and it is taught to their children. Surely this is a sign of Your wisdom and generosity to allow all peoples, even those who have yet to worship you properly, to learn magic’s Five Streams.

In any case, with your permission, then, I shall explain the Five Streams individually, though this will surely be tedious for You to read. I humbly crave Your pardon.

The first stream in the poem is that of love. In truth, this stream, as you know, is the manipulation of all emotions. I am told those who manipulate emotions see emotions as tendrils emanating from humans and some animals. These magicians can then strengthen or modify these tendrils, and in some cases completely reverse, whatever emotions a person is feeling hence modifying their behavior.

The second stream is that of life. Those who can influence life can see a field of energy around all living things, allowing them the opportunity to modify the creature or plant. They can, for example, influence a plant to grow extremely quickly or heal a cut on a dog or person.

The third stream is that of the stone. Again, this name is somewhat misleading, as there always seems to be energy in all things, and those that can see the energy of matter can do many things with this energy. Some can even change light, though this is a rare gift.

The fourth stream talks about sharp lines. The lines referred to are those lines inherent in writing. Magicians of this type may also use symbols. They see power in the written word and in symbols, and can use them to influence people or do many other things. All religions use symbolic magic in one way or another.

And finally, the fifth stream is that of knowledge. Such magicians concern themselves with influencing the path of history. Their magic is subtle, yet in time as powerful as any. We, for as You know I have some skill with this type of magic, see potentialities in all things. We can then influence the path of events to increase the chances of a particular potentiality of resulting. Patience is our watchword.

I hope that this will clarify for those who follow You some of the most basic aspects of magic. In Your generosity, You have allowed me to put these words to parchment, though I know them to be unworthy of Your vision. Words cannot truly describe the glory of Your benevolence in allowing me to pass my meager understanding forward.

With great thanks, I remain Your dutiful servant,

Katayana of Amaranth

– Excerpt of the Katayanicum, Book III, Chapter 1.

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