The World of Shijuren, A Lake Most Deep cover art by Patrick McEvoy, left picture by Dale Belcher, right picture by Kate Sachs.
The World of Shijuren

The World of Shijuren is a world of magic and strife. Throughout the world are nuraghi, ancient structures from a crueler time, that serve as reminders of the time of Giants. Few remember the Giants well, for their time has long passed into legend, but remnants of their works remain and some, such as the Bardheküülle, still spread their evil around the world.

Now, centuries later, the Empire of Makhaira sits in the midst of much of the world, and Basilopolis is the greatest of cities. Periaslavl runs across much of the north, led by their eternal Great Mother. In the east, great realms such as Amaranth and Euskalerria control the coast, sharing an uneasy border with feuds that stretch back perhaps beyond the time of Giants. In the west, you have the Kreisens, a land of petty kinglets fighting over scraps, with the Seven Kingdoms, Svellheim and Western Isles circling them in the Cuananiar Ocean. To the southwest are the remnants of the Old Empire and the Kingdom of the Matara. Southeast are islands that few explorers have returned from, but all who have tell tales of fire and war.

Edward Aethelredson grew up in the Seven Kingdoms, a thegn from a long line of thegns who served their kings well and with honor. In his final battle in the Seven Kingdoms, though, he lost his honor and slew his father. Now he comes to the Empire of Makhaira with little more than his family's sword, a great brute of a warhorse, and the tattered remnants of his hopes. He seeks to join the Imperial Guard, where his skills with a blade might get put to use, but along the way murders and wizards take him from the path.

For the first time in decades, Periaslavl has a new Velikomat. Irina Ivanovna stepped down in favor of Anzhela Tomanovna, following ancient traditions. Rurik's Pyre continues to burn brightly, holding the memories of this northern land. But even so, few recall what really happens when a Great Mother steps down. And in each of these lands, nuraghi still hold their secrets.

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