Basil II Makrembolites

Basil II Makrembolites (244 - 301 MG) was Emperor of the Empire of Sabinia (now known as the Old Empire) from 269 - 301 MG. During his reign the Empire of Sabinia expanded greatly, and many new cities were founded. Many of these were names Basilopolis, including the Great City of Basilopolis? that is now the capital of the Empire of Makhaira.

In an unusually tranquil set of successions, he followed his childless uncle, Basil I Makrembolites? and was in turn succeeded by his son Demetrios Makrembolites?. The stability of the Makrembolite Dynasty? during the reign of these three active and capable rulers helped the Old Empire lay a strong foundation during its second century.

Pronunciation: BAZ-ill MAK-rem-bow-lah-TEES

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