Dunya Gennedovna

Dunya Gennedovna is the head chef of the Velikomat in the Dvorets Materi in Medvedgorod in the Matriarchate of Periaslavl. Demyan Dmitrovich is especially fond of her cooking and advanced the careers of her children and grandchildren.

From the Books: "First, Dunya placed the board in front of Sergei. It held a steaming loaf of heavy rye bread, and he began slicing it. Dunya then handed the tray, which held small crocks with butters, jams, and marmalades, to Demyan who started placing them around the table. He made sure the honey butter sat close to Irina. While he was doing that, Dunya was ladling out the shchi. After filling the large bowls, she pulled out one more crock and dabbed a large measure of smetana onto each. She placed a bowl in front of all three.

With her hands on her hips, she confirmed her handiwork. 'I’ve got some vatrushka baking. They’ll be ready when you’re done with all of this.'” - IAAWT, p. 21

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