Love Stream of Magic

Love magic, or Ermajea?, is one of the Five Streams of Magic in Shijuren. It manipulates human emotions. Most languages have their own term for a Love magician, but the Imperial term of erkurios (pl. erkurioi) is accepted across the world.

Though it is called “love” magic, in truth, Ermajea is a magic of all emotions. Erkurioi see tendrils of emotion flowing from people and creatures, and these tendrils are what they create and manipulate. Sometimes, an erkurios can influence animals, but as animal brains get smaller and less emotional, this becomes less likely. Unlike zokurioi, erkurioi cannot influence plants at all, nor can they influence non-living things unless they can convince a creature to do so.

Emotion feeds emotion, so in places where there is a great deal of emotion, an erkurios has access to more power, such as in a large crowd. Also, friends and family can feed emotion to an erkurios, which is especially effective because of the added emotion of their relationship. For example, the Velikomat of Periaslavl chooses three husbands in part for their ability to love her. They help her perform great feats of magic.

It takes less power to enhance an existing emotion than to create an emotion, and one needs more power still to override an existing emotion. So, while an erkurios can, for example, change a person’s love to hate or vice versa, it takes a great deal of power to do so.

Other Terms for Erkurioi

Notable Erkurioi

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