The Stracara is a poor neighborhood in the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

From the Books: "At the end of the docks, our route ran along curving roads that generally paralleled the coastline. Samiel’s Way roamed two streets up from the lake. It was covered by overhanging extensions of the houses that loomed above, creaking alarmingly in the wind. No houses fell on us while we strolled.

We saw boarding houses, temples, shrines, bordellos, inns, taverns with musicians, taverns without musicians, shops selling gear for sailing, shops selling goods from sailing, shops selling food and clothes and anything else needed to live. People milled, pickpockets lifted, thugs strutted, whores leered, vendors shouted, dogs sniffed, cats perched. Fish and crap were the dominant smells, though periodically another smell such as urine or beer clamored for attention.

The heart of the Stracara pulsed with life and death. Desimir’s presence comforted me." - ALMD , p. 170

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