The Kreisens

A region in northwestern Shijuren. Politically, it is divided into a variety of small to medium kreisens, each ruled by a kreisarch.

There are three basic types of kreisens. The poorest are the kreisens that are closest to the Ruecken?, a mountain range that bisects the Kreisic Peninsula?. The richest are those few who managed to secure control of those dozen or so places where the rivers flowing from the Ruecken empty to sea allow for a good harbor and port. The rest are those in between.

Despite their political divisions, the people of the Kreisens are culturally related. Their language is similar to that of both Sevenish and Nordmannish?. However, while the terrain in both the Seven Kingdoms and Svellheim allowed for political unification, the mountains and rivers of the Kreisens kept the different tribes splintered.

The Kreisens are constantly squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. Rarely have the Kreisens ever been able to form any kind of credible military threat against their foreign neighbors, though they generally pay little heed to borders and raid whenever the whim strikes them.

Fortunately for the Kreisens, they are surrounded by four interested powers, the Empire of Makhaira, Periaslavl?, the Seven Kingdoms, and SvellheimSvellheim. Furthermore, the thalassocrats? of the Western Isles rely upon food produced in the Kreisens. So, despite their frustrations, neighbors of the Kreisens find themselves unable to invade for fear of war with the other neighboring powers.

People in the Kreisens?

A Partial List of Kreisens

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