Gods in Shijuren

Divinity fills the world of Shijuren, and includes gods, godlings, mythological beasts, and legendary items. Most religious magic is symbolic, and a form of the Line Stream of Magic is part of the process of creating something divine. Symkurioi who worship something divine can tap into that Symmajea.

To become divine, the focus requires two things. First, enough of its essence must exist to provide a framework for its power, such as a person’s memory or an item’s lore. There are many types of things that can create such an essence, but no matter what, that essence must be so powerful that it remains after the focus is lost or dies. A person remembered fondly, or hated, by friends and family can form a focus. Intense devotion to a task can allow a person to become a focus, as well. Items and animals can also get such a reputation as to create an essence. Whatever the method, the focus must have some essence remain to anchor divine energy.

Secondly, people must then worship that essence sufficiently to allow it to become divine. Worship by a great many people can provide that power, but so can relatively few especially devout disciples. However, without the framework provided by an essence, no amount of worship can create an actual divine being. Symkurioi cannot create a god on their own, but they can help a symbol become worshiped. One does not need magic, however. Particularly effective speakers can do much the same without actually using magic.

Once an essence is worshiped sufficiently, that symbolic power becomes divine power and the essence becomes a god or godling. That is, a being in its own right. Gods and godlings are immortal and can never completely die. However, without any worshippers, a god or godling is merely a shade with no power to speak of. Many worshippers, however, can make that god extremely powerful and its symbols extraordinarily influential.
The only real difference between a god and a godling is the number and devoutness of worshippers. A person can easily worship more than one god or godling, and most people in Shijuren do. Logically, a god receives whatever amount of power a worshiper directs toward it, while power aimed at a different divine being goes to that one instead.

Shijuren includes many familiar gods and goddesses. Once a divine essence becomes a god, it is not limited to the universe within which it originated. As a god loses power in one universe, it may very well seek followers in another, which is exactly what happened in Shijuren, as divine beings from some religions not worshiped on Earth as much as they once were have migrated here. They compete for power with the divine beings of purely Shijuren origin that also exist here.

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