Kalajavaros is a small town on the Kopayalitsa east of Achrida in Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

From the Books: "'It’s a small town now, but once it was much larger. You can still see the remnants of aqueducts built to mine tin. But the veins ran out, oh, a thousand years ago at least and there’s nothing else there, just crumbling stone.'

'What is it good for now?'

'It’s a stopping point on the caravan routes from the east. Since the lake trade expanded because of Achrida, though, it’s almost done with that, too. There are only a few small, vermin-filled inns that charge too much and even fewer maniacs who somehow think they can find a new vein of gold or tin that will make them rich. It hasn’t happened in centuries, but that doesn’t stop them.'

Piri shook her head in amazement and sighed.

'Every once in a while one of our zupans thinks it’s useful that we train in the taller mountains and we spend a month or so in Kalajavaros. We curse him for that month and then spend the following month cleaning limestone dust and bedbugs from our gear and healing broken bones from falls. Fortunately, Vukasin? hasn’t yet been so stupid.'” - TEOAD , p. 38-9

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