North Road

The North Road is a road starting at Snjarvik? in Svellheim in the north and Achrida in the Empire of Makhaira in the south. In between, most of its path along the edge of the Matriarchate of Periaslavl.

Seven kreisens border Periaslavl, and men from each periodically raid the North Road. These kreisen, running north to south, are Demmenkreisen, Weinkreisen, Alaricsberg?, Zweibruckenkreisen, Szebenkreisen, Karlkreisen?, and Hanzekantoor.

Because of the raiding, Periaslavl keeps several troops of pomestniki? stationed along the road to patrol it.

Along its route are several cities, including Achrida, Vladikavkaz, Tarnovo, Mstovgorod and Snjarvik. Also along the route are several bases for pomestniki where inns and hostels have gathered for safety.

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