Pherenike Matsoukas

Pherenike Matsoukas (1684 MG - present) is a hecatontarch of the Imperial Guard unit stationed in the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

From the Books: "Pherenike, in many ways, was the most interesting person we trailed. She lived in the Imperial building, and we saw her parading and practicing with the Imperial Guard, but she spent most evenings and afternoons out of uniform, prowling around the city.

Rarely did we see her meet anyone. Most of the time she simply wandered and watched. Sometimes she would stay in a tavern for a while. Sometimes she roamed through various shops. Except for the Stracara there was no neighborhood that she did not darken at one point or another.

Given that she looked like a trained spy in her own right, Veselko detailed a full ten of his dozen to watch her. Sebastijan explained to me that switching people in and out routinely made it less likely she would notice she was being followed. Nevertheless, she clearly realized we were there at some point, and three times she managed to evade the watch of all ten of Veselko’s men. - TEOAD , p. 331

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