Vesela Gropa

Vesela Gropa is the daughter of Pal Gropa and is his designated successor to be zupan of the Enchelei. She lives in Achrida, Dassaretum Province, the Empire of MakhairaEmpire of Makhaira.

From the Books: "At his side stood one of the most beautiful women I would see in my entire life. She gracefully introduced herself as Vesela. Her features were so similar to the zupan’s that she had no need to tell me she was Pal’s daughter. Her features held all of the vibrancy that might have once existed in Pal’s face, as if he had intentionally bequeathed it to her. The hair was the same color, but on her it glowed softly. Her face showed the soft welcome of a warm harbor, while her father’s face displayed the rough experience of the black hills I had grown up roaming. She, too, wore a long tunic, hers a warm red embellished with pearls and extensive embroidery. The power in her eyes tugged at my heart and soul." - ALMD p. 99

Pronunciation: VES-sah-la GROW-pa

Vesela Gropa after A Lake Most Deep

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