Official Home of Rob Howell, A Lake Most Deep cover art by Patrick McEvoy, left picture by Dale Belcher, right picture by Kate Sachs.
Welcome to the worlds of Rob Howell

Rob is a founder of the Eldros Legacy. He created the Queen Elizabeth's Own Foresters mercenary regiment as part of the highly acclaimed Four Horsemen Universe, including the Amazon bestselling novel The Feeding of Sorrows.

He is also the assistant publisher in charge of the fantasy imprint New Mythology Press, a part of Chris Kennedy Publishing

For more information on the Eldros Legacy, go here: Eldros Legacy.

Rob writes primarily medieval fantasy, space opera, military science fiction, and alternate history. He is reformed medieval academic, a former IT professional, and retired a soda jerk.

His parents discovered quickly books were the only way to keep Rob quiet. He latched onto the Hardy Boys series first and then anything he could reach. Without books, it's unlikely all three would have survived.

All of his stories and novels are available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. His author pages are here on Amazon and Goodreads.