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There’s nothing quite so right as the crack of the bat on a home run, listened on a car radio, driving on a lonely highway at night. The quality of the sound of that crack is so pure and right I often know before the announcer says anything that it’s a homer.

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  1. I think baseball is an activity enjoyed most in accumulation. Perhaps it is just me and the way my obsessive mind works, but there are plenty of activities where one can get great joy out of them very early in one’s exposure to them, but baseball, for me, is definitely one of the ones where the more I see of it and understand and delve the nearly infinite details, the more fun it is, the greater appreciation I have for the game’s practioners.

    Baseball games have an ebb and flow to them, even with all the apparently stops and starts. I love that an observer can get a feel for how a pitcher is pitching a certain batter and just know that the next pitch is outta here. That “know” is the mind rapidly making a bunch of calculations that aren’t necessarily dissectable, but the accumulation of experience and observation. I guess I still believe in scouting, assisted, of course, with lots of good data analysis. 🙂

    I guess what I’m saying is, that crack of the bat is especially enjoyable to the experienced ear, but you can enjoy it at any level of experience with the game.

    Also, may we never have to substitute a ::ping:: and only know the crack of the bat in our memories.

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