Along the Coast

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a naval history geek, so going to Annapolis meant not only meeting with Richard Abels but also seeing the Naval Academy campus. I really couldn’t just stroll around as much as I wanted, but it is a beautiful campus.

The meeting with Dr. Abels went well. He gave me some very useful tips and pointers as well as a copy of a new article he’s publishing. We ate at a wonderful Irish bar a few blocks from the campus called Galway Bay. It’s well worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Later that night I went to an Atlantian fighter practice. I have to say I did very poorly. I could barely fight given the humidity and heat. I really can’t use that as an excuse, given my time at Lilies, but I could barely fight 10 bouts. It was sad.

The next day I headed up the coast to Connecticut to see Marty and Julie. I made ridiculously good time and the only traffic I encountered was at the George Washington Bridge. Hence I was real early. Anyway, they were great hosts. We did the grilling thing and then went for really good ice cream. It was very nice to finally meet Julie and to hang out with Marty again. It’s amazing how with some friends you fall back into a relaxed conversation as though you see them every day.

After that was the trip up to Canada. This too went smoothly. I made good time here too and so I was all set up easily in time to kick back and relax during the evening. More on Trillies next.

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