House Stuff Part 3

Here’s an updated list in the past week or so.

Completed in last four days.
Stain remaining items for bathrooms
Clean west end of basement
Stain west end of basement
Paint ceiling and walls of west end of basement
Paint north wall of stair well
Replace mantel shelf (actually Fantastik cleaned off all the paint easily so I just cleaned it)

For those scoring at home (or if you’re by yourself) this means I beat my timetable by two days. It didn’t seem like I was doing much, but I kept puttering around and then all of the sudden the floor was done, and then the first coat was done, and well, I thought, how cool will it be if I finish the painting tonight?

Still To do list
Re-clean basement floor after painting
Install trim in basement
Clean trim around doors
Get countertop for washroom
Install basement cabinet
Miter and install trim (some mitered and installed, will probably take 2 hours total when the rest of the room is painted)
Clean house for crashers for the Scribal Symposium
Finish creating the workshop for the Symposium

Now I can add projects 🙂

Replace entertainment center setup. I’ve needed to do this for a while so I can organize my DVDs. I totally believe I’m not OCD, but I’ve stared at this mish-mash of DVDs too friggin’ long. So friggin’ long I’ve developed a “huge guy theory” and “serial crusher theory” as to why they’re a mess. I’ve actually started this and have 2 of the 8 pieces completed. Only 6 need to be done to get the basic requirements, and 3 of those are like 15min projects. I suspect they’ll get done tomorrow 🙂

Install bookcases. I have a hole in the wall where a speaker was put by the previous owner. I found two of the cheap Wal-Mart bookcases on Craigslist for $10 total so I’m going to do a wee bit of refurbishing and nail them to the studs to cover that hole. For probably $25 or so in parts, I’ll have new bookcases and cover the big hole. Wheeeee.

Finish website for student medieval studies group
Contemplate seeing if I can do the stuff to the downstairs bathroom before Scribal. (i.e. repaint and replace medicine cabinet and lights with the contractor’s help. I’m not going to worry about the trim. I may just clean it, but the downstairs bathroom has had a bunch of paint drops, stain drops, and sealant drops from all the projects and it just needs to be repainted.

Anyway, I’ll be able to start moving stuff back into place tomorrow evening, which rocks.

5 thoughts on “House Stuff Part 3”

  1. okay, I’m goign to be the Nag instead of cheerleader…DISERTATION? THis is really for your own good though..would love to see you finish.

    I’m cheerleading Alison cause she’s on her final chapter and working dilgently ( but then there’s the risk her school has lost its funding and she HAS to finish).

    1. I am doing the dissertation in a way. Until yesterday, I could not get into my office to get to all of my books. I am done enough to be able to move stuff some, and will be doing so tonight and tomorrow.

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