House Final List

Here’s an updated to-do list.

Master bedroom:
– Wash bed linens
– Make bed
– Take old TV stand to garage to be stained
– Straighten up books to be readv
– Hang up artwork (Rush banner among other things)
– Steam clean floor again

Master bathroom
– Hang up curtains (I haven’t found curtains I like so I’m using tabards for the moment πŸ™‚
– On Thursday deal with inspections
– On Friday clean litter box and sweep

– Put back area rug
– Put in rocking chair
– Replace doorknob

– Steam clean again
– Vacuum and steam clean runner

Guest bathroom
– Put up Unicorn Tapestry pictures

Living room
– Staple down cables
– Move furniture and vacuum
– Move furniture and steam clean
– General straightening up

Kitchen/Dining room
– General cleaning
– Move Derdriu’s lathing stuff
– Dust window
– Put stuffed animals back into window
– Make sure there’s no icky stuff in the fridge πŸ™‚
– Clean a few painty bits off of floor
– Sweep and mop, which must be done before mom shows up πŸ™‚
– Shop for food for weekend, especially chili for Friday night so there’s something warm and tasty for crashers. Of which there are lots.

– Set up camp bed for me
– Move chests to the side
– Organize beer fridge (especially important!!!)
– Sweep floor, though it’s pretty clean
– Set up dog crate for Ginger
– Move other dog crate downstairs for Abigail
– Put last coat of paint on corner trim

– Staple cabling down
– Desperate need for vacuuming

Downstairs landing
– Sweep and mop

Downstairs bathroom
– Get Joe to put stool back in place
– Install trim
– Clean mirrors
– Hang towels and place rug (waiting on floor to dry)

– Laundry (duh)

– Clean off mats
– Move end table to big room
– Set up cot for Derdriu

Basement main room
– Finish double bookcase
– Attach double bookcase to wall
– Install trim on south wall
– Install trim on door opening
– Put games/books on double bookcase
– Sweep and mop
– Make up futon
– Set up Derdriu’s camp bed
– Move furniture to appropriate places
– Move tools to appropriate places
– Wipe everything down again
– General straightening up
– Put up artwork, esp. picture of Omega

– Move extra boxes into closet
– Move 19in monitor to garage
– Organize printing area
– Re-setup network printing
– Sweep and mop
-Organize work area

– Sweep driveway
– Sweep porch
– Sweep patio
– Sweep deck
– Put things out on deck/patio in appropriate places
– Clean firepit
– Get small bits of wood/paper/lighter ready in garage to put out for fire
– Set out chairs

For now, that’s it πŸ™‚ I’m leaving Derdriu’s room and office up to her, although I think they’re mostly ready. The list is actually much shorter than it was this morning, though I’m sure I missed a bunch of things. What’s great is other than the trim/bookcases along the south wall of the big room and in the basement bathroom, the construction is done.

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