FantaSci 2022

Greetings all

It’s a great afternoon here in the Research Triangle and FantaSci is getting ready to kick off.

I’m actually moving a little slowly today. I might have had more beverages than I’m used to while chatting with a whole bunch of awesome people I haven’t seen in far too long. It was worth it.

And I’ve got a busy weekend planned.

I kick off with the Keen Edge of Valor release panel. All the authors in the anthology here at the con will pop in and talk about their stories and be there to sign copies too. This is a 7pm in Azalea.

Then I get to talk about killing people and breaking stuff, which is totally about how to write about it. Not that I have ever done any of these to another human. Ever. Anyway, it’s at 8pm in Magnolia.

Three in a row on Friday. At 9pm in Orchid, we talk about when is the movie better than the book.

Saturday is the big day, of course. At 11am, in Orchid, we start the day with Chris Kennedy Publishing, the year ahead.

Then, at 1pm, there’s a panel on podcasting. I’m still learning here, but I’ve really enjoyed this so far. It’ll be in Azalea.

Immediately after, we discuss ways to deal with Writer’s Block. This is at 2pm in Rose.

That’s my last panel for the day, but it’s a big night for me. The Four Horsemen Dining Out, a unique event in SF/F conventions as far as I know, is from 7pm to 9pm in the big combined space.

After that, we’re throwing the CKP Party! It’ll be beers, MAC rounds, and snackies!

Then, Sunday morning at 9am, I have to be coherent as that’s when I get to do my New Mythology year ahead panel. We’ve got lots to talk about. That’ll be in Magnolia.

That’s my last panel, but I’ll stick around to closing ceremonies to announce the winner of the FantaSci contest, and the theme for next year’s anthology.

What a great time. So glad to be back at a con. So enough of this blogging, I’m off to schmooze.

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