Yes, I’m lazy when it comes to updating journals and stuff. I warned you about that in my first post.

But there’s lots to talk about since then, so here are some quick hits.

First, congrats to Iggy and Richard de Bleys. They are very deserving.

I wonder how Reagan will be perceived in 100 years.

Speaking of deaths, condolences to Ralph Wiley’s family. Wiley was a good sportswriter, and though I quite often didn’t agree with him, he was always thought provoking.

I’m sure glad the Pistons won. I have gotten very tired of Kobe and the Lakers. I don’t know if Kobe’s guilty or not of rape, but he’s certainly guilty of adultery and overexposure. I would love to just shake some sense into those writers who commended him for his basketball play after having to fly back from Colorado. You know, had he not had an affair, this would not be happening. If his play suffered from the travels, then he owes his teammates and fans a bigtime apology. If it doesn’t, then he’s doing his job. Neither of these options deserve huge kudos.

Had beers with Hereward on Saturday night. That was a lot of fun, I suspect we might just do that again. Took Medb to Harry Potter on Sunday. Happy Birthday, you too, both on 20 June.

I’ll think of more later, but that’s enough for now. Hardly Gleeman-length (see, but close enough.

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