Official Home of Rob Howell, A Lake Most Deep cover art by Patrick McEvoy, left picture by Dale Belcher, right picture by Kate Sachs.
Welcome to the worlds of Rob Howell

Rob is the creator of the World of Shijuren, which includes two series, including the Adventures of Edward Aethelredson and the Kreisens. He is also part of the highly acclaimed Four Horsemen Universe, having contributed the story "Where Enemies Sleep" to For a Few Credits More.

All of his novels are available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. His author pages are here on Amazon and Goodreads.

More About Rob Howell

Rob is a reformed medieval academic who draws upon those skills and resources for his stories and settings. He has also been an IT professional, a cook, and a soda jerk. Originally from Houston, Texas, he dutifully followed his parents as they went from there to Hillsboro, Texas, then to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and finally to Wichita, Kansas.

Along the way, they discovered about the only way to keep Rob quiet was to give him a book. Unfortunately for them, it turned out he could read quickly, so they had to give him lots of books. He latched onto the Hardy Boys series first, then about anything else he could reach. Without books, either he or his parents probably would not have survived. Possibly both.

Rob has traveled extensively, and remnants of those travels lie throughout Shijuren. One of the reasons he chose Russian themes for I Am a Wondrous Thing was his visit to Russia in 1990. In 2012, he walked the majority of the Offa's Dyke Trail along the border of Wales and England. Many experiences on the trail shaped his writing. One might say the Offa's Dyke Trail led to Edward. When seeking a place for Edward to adventure, he thought of Ohrid, which he visited while on an archaeological dig in Macedonia in 2006.

He decided to write professionally when he discovered he was too educated for most jobs, and not quite educated enough for a few. Fortunately, he had always written and had always wanted to emulate Forester, Tolkien, Weber, Drake, Parker, Chandler, and Francis.

Now he can barely imagine doing anything else.