Isidora Kasun

Isidora Kasun (1653 MG - present) is a soothsayer living in the Stracara neighborhood of the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

She is the aunt of Gibroz Kasun, and the great-aunt of David Plavsic and Boza Plavsic.

From the Books: The extraordinary woman—Isidora, I presumed—returned. She had black, curly hair turning to white that stuck out in all directions. A bright pink headband kept most of it out of her face, but did little to control the rest of it. Purple cosmetics highlighted her eyes and red filled out her cheeks. Those eyes never stayed in one place, flicking about relentlessly, drawn not necessarily by movement, but rather the need to look at something new constantly.

Her clothes were just as colorful. Green cloth patterned with yellow marks provided the base for her dress, but she had adorned it with at least three types of trim, all of which clashed with the green fabric. The patterns on the trim were worse, as no one garment should be decorated with meanders, triangles, circles, acanthus leaves, and dragons.

Her building was painted predominantly red, but streaked with yellow. Purple and blue monsters fought each other, their claws exaggerated and sharp. Stars and crescent moons and other shapes danced boldly amongst the monsters.

She had moved a table and two chairs before her building. The table was covered in a soft cloth even more garishly painted than her building, interwoven reds and yellows and oranges and colors I could not name competed for attention. - TEOAD , p. 252-3

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