Veikko of Haapavesa

Veikko of Haapavesa (1553 MG - Present) is one of the greatest clikurioi in Shijuren. He was one of the youngest people to ever join the Readers, and in his twenties he founded a university in Haapavesa, Svellheim, his hometown.

While he was in Svellheim, he became one of the most trusted councilors of Svellheim kings, including Snorri Erikssen.

He has risen up the ranks of the Readers, and is one of their preeminent members. He corresponds with kurioi around Shijuren, including Bedarth Liffrea of the Seven Kingdoms before Bedarth passed away.

He has fostered many kurioi of all types in his career. One of his apprentices was Egill Thorgrimssen.