I’ve been struggling to find what to say about Lilies. There was so much going on and so many memories.

But we go to SCA events in the hopes of finding those 15 seconds where we’re actually a part of history, not simply spending a day dressed in funny clothes doing funny things.

I had not only 15 seconds, but several minutes of being part of Alfred’s scipfyrd. I got my chance to row in Dongal, Brockman, and Halvgrimr’s longship. It was a lovely calm night, with the moon shining off the ripples in the lake.

And as we rowed, we sang songs, and I did my version of the Wanderer. For those minutes, especially the parts in Old English, I nearly lost myself. I did a horrible job because I was continually remembering where I was and the beauty of the moment.

All of Lilies, for that matter all of the SCA, all of the work and fun and silliness and everything else condensed in that incredible moment for me. There was so much more to Lilies, but all that happened was overshadowed by being in the right place at the right time.