Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd

After years of searching, I finally found it.

Wyrd, or fate, will have her way. So here I am, buffeted by waves, making my way in wintry sea in a land full of the old stonework of giants.

Who am I? Well, clearly, my name is Rob Howell, otherwise claiming the domain name robhowell.org is rather strange. As I approach a half-century of wandering, I have borne other names, some better than others. The most well-known of those names is Rhodri ap Hywel, as I am called in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

If you knew this already, welcome friend and enter. If you did not, welcome new friend and enter.

I am partial to bitter beers, the bitterer the better and will happily chat until all hours of the night expressing my opinion while drinking one or eight. Call this my campfire on the internet. Pull up a chair, fill your mug with your beverage of choice, and join me.

You will find more than my opinions here. I am an aspiring writer and I will be adding tidbits of my work here. There will be poetry, the occasional complete short story, and random scenes.

Much of the fiction will relate to my worldbuilding. No one likes too much exposition in their stories, but at the same time everyone wants to know everything about every fictional world that they fall into. Consider this my notes in a much more manageable form than JRR Tolkien left for his heirs. Hopefully, along the way, you will fall as much in love with the people and places that I am creating as I have.

You can expect me to blog something here every weekday. Weekends are challenging for me as I am often at SCA events. Or a convention. Or visiting friends. And if I am not doing one of those things, if I actually have a weekend to myself, I am probably puttering in my shop.

As I will be talking about things that can be emotional and I encourage comments, I suppose I should take a moment and lay down my rules about commenting.

Rule 1: Don’t be a dick.
Rule 2: Don’t make me write another rule.

Well, that is enough for now. I suppose as time goes by I might add more but I would rather you read my blog than my profile.

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Opinions and fiction of person misplaced in time.

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