1. Dissertation will happen. But sometimes day to day motivation is lacking.

2. Like today, although some of that is because of pain. I was at Grey Niche War this weekend and I fought a lot and I fought well. I’ve been working on getting more stamina with both 6ft and 9ft spear and saw some positive result this weekend. The downside is that I got uppity and tried to do a run-up poke on Colyne behind a crenelation and hit a mud patch meaning my left foot was suddenly 3 feet farther than I expected. It was very dramatic, and I think in the long-term probably OK, but I’m sore this morning. My hamstring, groin, and calf muscles still are less than happy with me. Less than yesterday, and wayyyy less than on Saturday, but still painful. And the worst part? I missed him.

3. The good side is that sometimes you get to appreciate how lucky you are in your friends. A bunch of people helped me on Saturday when it happened and Sunday when we packed. Valdemar, Isabeau, Fernando, Kat, Malice, Elasait, Celegur, Sato, Ise, Mar, and Albrecht all come to mind. There were many others but so many I cannot remember them all, especially people who offered to help carry stuff as I limped hither and yon. I especially appreciate Aldred and Ailith who came up to do just about anything I needed so that I could help the singing circle get going. I cannot express how honored I am by everyone’s assistance.

4. I did miss one person on the previous list and that is Kate/Marie. She helped above and beyond the call of duty of any significant other. She did stuff all day and then helped me all evening.

5. But I’m not really surprised. Kate is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I am so pleased with how our relationship is going. She really rocks, although I did sort of feel outnumbered when she, Maerwynn, and Derdriu were all sitting on the couch looking at me like 3 cats looking at a ball of yarn.

6. I’m going to try and do some moving around of books today as I limp around, though. We need to get Derdriu moved into what was the library as quickly as possible to accommodate a second kennel to accommodate a new playmate for Abigael.

7. At least, with all that’s going on, I’m in a good mood aided by the Cowboys finally winning a game. It’s still an uphill climb but no one is running away in the NFC East.