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Rarely, Rob will post about politics.

Notes and Updates

Greetings all

First, I meant to announce this much sooner, but the draft for The Eyes of a Doll has been sent to my editor. Also, Patrick McEvoy has agreed to do the cover art again. We are on schedule for our planned date to publish on 1 December.

As always, I’m my own worst critic. But there’s some parts of this book I really like, so I just need to get the rest up to snuff.

While I wait on the first edited copy, I’m working on the next book, which for working purposes I’m calling I Am a Wondrous Thing. I’m making good progress and feel like it will be a fun story.

Looking through the convention list, I’m thinking I’m probably done with conventions for the rest of 2015. I’m planning on expanding the number of conventions I’ll be going to in 2016, though.

Sooooo…., if you have suggestions, especially if you can offer crash space, let me know. I don’t mind driving to just about anywhere, especially as I get better about voice writing while driving, but I’d rather spend my money on Patrick’s art than hotel rooms.

That’s enough for now. I owe you all an NFL prediction post.

Philosophical Discussions

Howdy all

I’ve been contemplating a bunch of political things for a while now, and I’d like to discuss them. I think this is a good forum for that sort of thing because I have a lot of friends with a large variety of opinions, hence I’m going to start putting up a question for discussion every now and then.

Since I’m going to touch upon some topics that will likely prompt heated discussion, here are some ground rules. First, I’m going to hide the question behind a cut. If you’re not interested in politics, don’t look. Second, I will chastise anyone who uses ad hominem attacks. Attack someone else’s argument all you want, but don’t attack them as individuals.

OK, time for the first topic.

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