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Rob’s Update: The Bon Homme Richard

Weeks 36-7 of 2021

Greetings all

Oh, hey, where did last week go? I looked up and suddenly it’s Thursday. The next Thursday.

Sorry about missing an update, but it’s been a really good time around here.

The big news is the release of It Takes All Kinds, an anthology in the Salvage Title universe created by Kevin Steverson. It includes my story “Careful With That Axe, E.U. Gene.”

My, what an interesting title, and clearly obvious to Pink Floyd fans where it came from. In fact, I put 232 intentional band name and song title references into the story (Not lyrics, that goes against copyright laws). I also put in an occasional historical rock reference.

Here’s the deal. The first person to send me a list of all 232 correct references will receive a free gift copy of all six of my fantasy novels. Yep, that’s right, I’ll send all six to your Amazon account for free (can’t do other accounts because of KU restrictions).

To enter, track the references in my story and send me an email to rob at rob howell dot org. You find all 232 references and you get 6 free novels. If, after 15 October, no one has found all 232, the person who’s send me the most will win, so if you only found 226, send it over. Who knows, you might be the one.

I might have had a little fun writing that one.

Last week, with the help of Chris Kennedy, we got Talons & Talismans I in the can. I’m even starting to get some things back from the advance reviewers and they like it. I’m not surprised.

I finished a story last week, which of course I’ll talk about at the right time.

I’ve been working on The Door Into Winter, which is starting to shape up. That should be done at the end of December. This is my first entry in Eldros Legacy / Shijuren, starting a new series entitled the Legacy of Legends. This will be a four book story arc and, with the help of Mark Stallings, Marie Whittaker, Todd Fahnestock, and Quincy J. Allen, will culminate with big doings in Ertha (the new world name as opposed to the continent of Shijuren).

In the meantime, I’ve been hammering away at New Mythology projects, which I’ll touch on soon.

What I’m Listening To

Perry Mason episodes. The sweetie is working from home and it’s one of her favorites.

Quote of the Week

It’s the anniversary of the Battle of Flamborough Head. What else could today’s quote be, but:

“I have not yet begun to fight!”
– John Paul Jones, from the deck of the Bon Homme Richard.

Cool Stuff In Eldros Legacy

Khyven the Unkillable is about to reach the final editing stage. This is Todd Fahnestock’s first in his Legacy of Shadow series. That comes out in December.

Quincy J. Allen has been hammering away at Seeds of Dominion, the first in his Legacy of Demons series. Expect that one in January.

New Mythology Works in Progress

Talons & Talismans I is in the can. Go Team! Not only that, but check out this amazing cover art!

Talons and Talisman I
Talons and Talisman I

Talons & Talismans II is in the final editing stage. I’ll show you that cover in a couple of weeks.

The House Between Worlds, book 4 in the fantastic Milesian Accords series by Jon R. Osborne, is almost done. I’ll be looking for advance readers next week.

Wow, that’s a lot! And more coming.

Rob’s Works in Progress

  • The Door Into Winter (5,337)
  • Rick Blaine (8,845)
  • CB (8,418)
  • SOTI (9, 761)

Upcoming Events

New Releases

Not just one, but two new Salvage Title books.That’s what happens when I miss a week around here.

First, It Takes All Kinds, an anthology of new beings in the universe including my Rolling Stones in “Careful With That Axe, E.U. Gene.” That one is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FZVXQ8M.

Then there’s Salvage Mother, by Kevin Steverson and Kacey Ezell. That one is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09G9HW68Q.

Then there’s a new 4HU novel by Casey Moores, Rise of the Bull. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FNV6XRF.

Tracked Items

Today’s Weight: 334.2

Updated Word Count: 282,946

Shijuren Wiki: 791 entries

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at rob@robhowell.org. Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell

Founder in the Eldros Legacy series

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Rob’s Update: The Eldros Legacy

Week 34 of 2021

Greetings all

This is one of the most important updates I’ve sent out. I’ve said many times that big things are happening in my world and we’re ready to spill the beans of the sooper-seekrit project.

Welcome to the Eldros Legacy!

What is the Eldros Legacy? It is an expansion of Shijuren, which is only one of five continents in the world of Ertha. Quincy J. Allen has created the continent of Daemanon, Todd Fahnestock brings us Noksonon, Mark Stallings with Drakanon, and Marie Whittaker with Pyranon.

The characters you’ve grown to love in the earlier Shijuren series are still a part of the Eldros Legacy. Irina, Ausartxango, and Geirr have to complete tasks unfinished in None Call Me Mother . Edward has many more cases to solve in Achrida and the Empire of Makhaira. However, they’re now part of a larger, more vibrant world.

Starting in December with the release of Khyven the Unkillable by Todd Fahnestock, you’ll get an action-packed story on the first Tuesday of each month.

Yes, we are serious about giving you a novel or anthology a month staring in December 2021 and that means we’ll need help. This is a huge shared world project that will include many other authors before we’re done. You’re going to love what we’ve got planned.

Welcome, fans of the Eldros Legacy. And congratulations, fans of Shijuren. You got in on the ground floor of something special.

Thanks to Quincy, we’ve built a brand new website, and we will have a newsletter for fans just of the Eldros Legacy. It’s here: https://www.eldroslegacy.com/.

If you want to sign up for that one, go here: https://www.eldroslegacy.com/contact/newsletter/.

Or, even better, if you’d like to get a free collection of short stories to get a taste of the Eldros legacy while joining the mailing list, go here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/qabsr57lq3+.

Man, have I been wanting to talk about the Eldros Legacy for a long while. The five of us started working on this project in January so we could make sure we’d be able to deliver what we promise. Khyven the Unkillable is essentially in the can (expect an artwork reveal soon), and Seeds of Dominion by Quincy, Embers & Ash by Marie, The Forgotten King by Mark, and The Door into Winter by myself will follow in succeeding months.

Whew. Time to take a breath.

Because I’ve got lots more going on. The first Talons & Talismans went out to the editor today. The second is almost complete and should be ready at some point next week. I’ve got a story in that called The Shield of the Innocent.

Lots more stuff about New Mythology below.

I’m still playing with stuff for The Door into Winter, which now you all know is not only another Shijuren novel, but also an Eldros Legacy novel.

I’ve got a short story coming out in a few weeks as well in It Takes All Kinds, an anthology of stories set in Kevin Steverson’s Salvage Title universe. It’s titled: “Careful with that Axe, E.U. Gene,” and when we get to the release date, I’ll spill the beans on its special feature.

With that, I think it’s time for Jack Stack’s BBQ (Mark Stallings’ favorite place) with my sweetie.

What I’m Listening To

Been a good day of music at Brewbakers. Also a bunch of the regulars. Something about seeing the same faces. There aren’t many theme songs like that of Cheers that get the human condition quite so well.

Quote of the Week
Today, in 1964, Alvin York died. This is a fairly famous quote, but I love it.
I had orders to report to Brigadier General Lindsey, and he said to me, “Well, York, I hear you have captured the whole damned German army.” And I told him I only had 132.
― Alvin York.
Cool Stuff In Eldros Legacy

The final edits for Khyven the Unkillable by Todd Fahnestock are in process and we’ll be showing of the amazing cover art by Rashed AlAkroka soon.

New Mythology Works in Progress
Current open anthology calls:

I’m currently working on The House Between Worlds, the fourth in Jon R. Osborne’s Milesian Accords series. This is going very quickly because Jon’s a great writer.

Also, as mentioned, I sent off the first Talons & Talismans to the editor. You can expect the cover reveal for that in next week or so. The cover is by Jake Caleb, who did the great covers for When Valor Must Hold and Songs of Valor.

Rob’s Works in Progress

  • The Door Into Winter (1,043)
  • Rick Blaine (8,845)
  • CB (8,418)
  • SOTI (7,948) (Formerly MON)

Upcoming Events

  • FactoryCon, 22-24 October, Coinjock, NC
    Details in the CKP – Factory Floor on Facebook.
  • 20BooksTo50K, 8-12 November, Las Vegas, NV

New Releases

This week we have China Mike, the second in Paul Piatt’s ISMC series. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09DJQH2N9.

Tracked ItemsToday’s Weight: 334.8

Updated Word Count: 184,964

Shijuren Wiki: 767 entries

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at rob@robhowell.org. Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell

Author of the Shijuren-series of novels

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Rob’s Update: Final Voyage Through a Liquid Week

Week 22 of 2021

Greetings all

This was, in many ways, my least productive week of 2021. There were reasons, which is okay, but also some general fatigue. It was one of those weeks where little things cropped up, like extra construction or my sweetie left her phone at home. A week of shifting sands, hence the title of this post.

The reasons included some family stuff that had to get done this week. That includes two new pets into the house. They’re very cute, but of course that takes time and effort. We took them to the vet today. Oh, and then there were several funky computer issues with my bank and insurance company. Joy.

I did get a few words written this week on a short story due at the end of the month. It’s going well, and I think it’ll be a lot of fun. It’s a tad more whimsical than my norm, but it’s always good to shift gears a bit.

I also did quite a bit of prep work for the big sooper-seekrit project. We are getting more and more excited as more things get checked off our to-do list.

The big news this week, and talk about burying the lede, is that I was accepted for an anthology edited by Larry Correia and Kacey Ezell. It’s a Baen anthology focused on the noir, hard-boiled detective. Perfect for an Edward story. The anthology will be called No Game for Knights, and my story is entitled The Incomparable Treasure. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Larry. He knows a ton about the craft that I am just scratching the surface.

Oh, I did one other thing this week. I added another con: Salina Comicon. You should check my con list as it’s growing. I have a plan for February too that should be a lot of fun if we can make it work. Glad to be getting back into the groove.

Hopefully, things will get calmed down by Monday and next week will be much better.

Of course, a week from tomorrow will be most awesome. The Ravening of Wolves goes live next Friday and I’m excited. I think this is my best novel ever, which I should always think of course, in part because I should always be getting better.

However, there are a number of things I aimed for specifically and if the ARC reviewer comments are anything to go by, I achieved a number of them.

What I’m Listening To

The Final Voyage of Liquid Sky by Primus. I’ve never seen Primus live, and that was something I was on the verge of doing when the pandemic hit. Worse, this was the tour where they would play the entirety of Rush’s A Farewell to Kings in honor of Neil.

However, it has been rescheduled and the new dates fit my timeline to a T. I am so looking forward to seeing Les Claypool in all his intricate and strange glory.

Quote of the Week

A weird week deserves a weird quote, and since it was the song I was listening to and it inspired the title, here’s a bit of the weirdness of The Final Voyage of Liquid Sky.

Skin moves toward malignant
Worshipping the sun
They clamber over corpses
To be the chosen ones
― Primus, The Final Voyage of Liquid Sky

New Mythology Works in Progress

Current open anthology calls:

i started reading some of the early entrants and I think you’ll be pleased. We’re at the early stages, but the response has already been good.

I can also tell you I’m excited at the story that Aaron Rosenberg submitted. You’ve probably read his stuff and not realized, as he’s written in a ton of different properties, but this story is completely his. It has the kind of hero I wanted to see win, and I think you’ll love it.

It’s possible, by the way, that there will be a Talons & Talismans *and* a Talons & Talismans Two. So many people loved this prompt, which of course is gratifying and exciting. That’s especially true since it’s been pretty good stuff so far.

Rob’s Works in Progress

  • CWTAE (2213)
  • Rick Blaine (8,845)
  • CB (8,418)
  • Cynewulf (8,642)
  • Gato (2,312)

Upcoming Events

New Releases

This week’s new release is the third of Jamie Ibson’s We Dare series. This one is entitled No Man’s Land, and every story has a female main character. It also includes some of the best female authors out there like Kacey Ezell, Marie Whittaker, and Joelle Presby. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096DSW1VK.

The next week is going to be a big one for CKP. Chris will release the conclusion to his Progenitor’s War series tomorrow. There’s another Hit World novel coming out on the 14th. Then, of course, a week from tomorrow is The Ravening of Wolves. Plus there are things coming out on audio. So much is happening I don’t have time to list it all.

But I will remind you all about the Kickstarter for the Four Horsemen RPG. Getting close to the next stretch goal. I will add that if you get to the right stretch goal, you’ll make more work for me as I’ll add the TOE for the Foresters and a bunch more about the Cochkala. So, if you want me to get off my lazy butt, check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/4hu-savage-worlds/four-horsemen-universe-rpg-savage-worlds-edition.

Today’s Weight: 336.2

Updated Word Count: 158,645

Shijuren Wiki: 733 entries

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at rob@robhowell.org. Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell

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Nick Patara, PI

  • Silent Knight (Nick Patara, PI, Book 1)
  • Under a Midnight Clear (Nick Patara, PI, Book 2) (Forthcoming)
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