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Rob’s Update: Happy Post-4th!

Week 28 of 2022

Greetings all

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. The wife-formerly-known-as-sweetie and I went to visit the now-for-reals-stepdaughter. We had a good meal and then ice cream at Braums.

And then, on the drive back, we got to see lots of fireworks. It’s happened of late that I’m driving on the 4th of July evening, and it’s quite enjoyable to see fireworks lining the hills off in the distance. It’s a movable feast of “oooh” and “aaah.”

The Forgotten King
The Forgotten King

The big news this week is the cover reveal for The Forgotten King by Mark Stallings. This is another great cover from Jake Caleb, who is an absolute rock star.

With all that’s happened of late, between wedding, Lilies, and holiday, I’m a little behind revealing the cover as The Forgotten King comes out next Tuesday. Where did all the time go?

Anyway, this is a fast-paced swords and sorcery tale that has LitRPG influences along with epic fantasy. It’s really fun.

This past week was a good one working on Embers & Ash. This is by Marie Whittaker and introduces us to Pyranon, the last of the five continents in the Eldros Legacy. This is a coming of age princess epic fantasy merged with some gothic influences and you’re going to love it.

You’re also going to love some of the things coming down the road. Full release schedule is below, but we’re starting to get to the point where New Mythology is getting to two books a month.

There’s stuff coming from Chris Nuttall, Trisha Wooldridge, G. Scott Huggins, Courtney Farrell, Kendra Merritt, and Jamie Ibson. It’s a great list of authors I’m proud to work with and these are great stories.

With that, it’s time for me to go record the next Dudes in Hyperspace podcast.

What I’m Listening To

Gordon Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy. This might surprise those of you who think I only listen to Rush and metal, but this is one of those I have hear a couple times every time it pops up in the rotation.

Quote of the Week

Today is a bit of a holiday in my mind, at least it should be. It’s Robert Heinlein’s birthday and I owe so much to him. First, the stories. Second, his books were one of my favorite memories of my father and how we connected.

There are so many quotes from Heinlein to choose from. I’ll take the one that really encapsulates my vision of work.

“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

– Robert A. Heinlein

Dudes In Hyperspace
DIHP 20220707
DIHP 20220707

Follow the Dudes In Hyperspace here:

The latest show includes an interview with the mighty Chris Kennedy himself. We just recorded a show entitled Crafting Short Stories v. Series which will be out in the next day or two.

And this time, it’s a video! You get to see our smiling faces.

Cool Stuff In Eldros Legacy

Get five free stories and signed up with the Eldros Legacy mailing list! Here There Be Giants is at: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/qabsr57lq3+.

The Forgotten King comes out on July 12th! That’s like next Tuesday.

Currently available:

Get all the Eldros Legacy novels at: amazon.com/dp/B09Z9WVKYV

New Mythology Works in Progress

2023 FantaSci Short Story Contest open call.

The theme is Bonds of Valor, and you story must include deeds of valor centered around bonds between characters. This could be a romantic relationship, a buddy adventure, oaths to kings, or whatever you can come up with.

Deadline: November 30th, 2022
Word Count: 7-10,000 words
Specifics: Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 line spaced.

It must also be a fantasy story. Any type is welcome, urban, epic, high, western, gothic, whatever, it just have to have magic. Finally, it cannot have been published anywhere else before.

I’m currently working on Embers & Ash, the next Eldros Legacy novel.

New Mythology Schedule

  • July 12th: The Forgotten King (Eldros Legacy 6), by Mark Stallings
  • August 16th: Embers & Ash (Eldros Legacy 7), by Marie Whittaker
  • September 13th: Dark and Secret Paths (Eldros Legacy 8), by Courtney Farrell
  • September 20th: Chimera Coup  ( Chimera 1), by Chris Nuttall)
  • October 4th: Heart, Wings Fire (27 Kingdoms 1), by Trisha Wooldridge
  • October 11th: The Pain Bearer (Eldros Legacy 9) by Kendra Merritt
  • November 8th: A Murder of Wolves (Eldros Legacy 10) by Jamie Ibson
  • November 22nd: Responsibility of the Throne (Endless Ocean 2), by G. Scott Huggins
July Blowout!
July Blowout!

July Blowout!


This isn’t a giveaway, it’s a collection of books and authors that Kacey Ezell thinks rocks. I’m honored to be listed here, and take a look and see what else is there.

Summer of Action Book Bundle
Summer of Action Book Bundle

Summer of Action Book Bundle


Rob’s Works in Progress
  • Sowing Spring’s Wrath (xx)
  • Farewell, My Ugly (14,092)
  • Rick Blaine (8,845)
  • CB (8,418)
Upcoming Events
  • Pennsic, 29 July – 14 August, Cooper’s Lake Campground, PA, pennsicwar.org/
  • FenCon, 16-18 September, Irving, TX, fencon.org/
New Releases

This week’s new release is Fallen Hunter, Book 2 of Mike Wyant’s Anisian Convergence. Get it here: amazon.com/dp/B0B5D91VTM. More space opera from CKP!

And don’t forget, The Forgotten King by Mark Stallings, sixth book in the Eldros Legacy, comes out on Tuesday the 12th.

Tracked Items

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Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at rob@robhowell.org. Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell

Founder in the Eldros Legacy series