Well, lots to get to, so here goes.

First, I want to thank Angelo for one of the best fights in my life. I had a great time at Toys for Tots and even the fight with Angelo was one of the reasons why. He may have advanced, but we both won.

Found out today that they’re working on a sequel for Boondock Saints. If you’ve not seen the movie, it’s fantastic; a dark, violent, hilarious morality play with three fascinating characters. Trust me, you’ll have to stop and replay the cat scene just to be sure you actually saw it right the first time. It would have one of the best soundtracks ever but they never published it. Here’s hoping they publish the one from the second one, and here’s hoping they get the Dropkick Murphys to play on it.

DVDs must be getting cheaper, found the Special Edition Magnificent Seven and the D-Day Anniversary edition of Saving Private Ryan for a combined $23.87 today. Watching Brynner, Bronson, McQueen, Cobern, et. al. as we speak.

My DVD wish list is huge. I don’t watch TV hardly at all anymore, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t shows I like. I have found that I love to watch them by season, so all of the shows that I really like all tempt me for their season DVD packs. And this doesn’t include the sets like Ken Burns Baseball and Akira Kurosawa and other stuff. Oh, and don’t forget the Dropkick Murphys DVD. And the Glory Special Edition. And the rest of the Cadfael, Sharpe, and Monty Python series. And…, well, you get the picture. Still, it’s been a good week, getting Clerks X, Magnificent Seven, Saving Private Ryan, Young Guns, and Time Bandits for only about $60 total.

And now I’m finding more bands along the lines of the Murphys I’m looking at. The Real MacKenzies are just one of several bands similar to the Murphys. More to find.

Anyway, Christmas is coming up. If you can’t find something to buy me from the previous rant, you just aren’t looking.

My current writing project is a comparison of the Anglo-Saxon fyrd and the use of the levee-in-masse in Catalonia during the Reconquista. If you have any suggestions for research materials, leave me a comment.

Thanks go out to Ferd for the most recent homework, though the rest of the family wasn’t as enthused. We had to read El Cid and then do a short poem in the Alexandrian verse style it was written in. Not only do I love it, especially the line about how you may find us killed, but you’ll never find us vanquished, but it prompted me for what I’m going to do for Queen’s Prize Tourney.

I’ve had a lot of fun at SCA events recently. Feast of the Bear was a blast. Thanks to everyone in Ealdormere, especially Medb, for the fun. Trebuchets and pumpkins and gravity in Ivory Keep was very memorable. And Toys for Tots was an absolute blast, as I mentioned. Kris Kinder is coming up, then Twelfth Night and the knighting of one of the best people I know, Michael Nymandius, Queen’s Prize, War Maneuvers, Estrella. Man that’s a lot of fun to look forward to. You know you’re an absolute SCA geek when you’re anxious for the holidays to be over because they interfere with your event schedule.

“We deal in lead, friend.”

And I’m dealing in finally being done with this update.