Cleaning House

Greetings all, I have a variety of topics on my mind today, so it’s a Liam-esque post today. Or rather, it’s what Liam would write if he weren’t so chary with his words.

1. Well, I’m out of funding so I’m technically unemployed. I’m OK financially speaking and this gives me time and removes any excuse about getting my dissertation done in 2010. I am looking for a part-time job, but one that allows for time off. That being said, I think I’m putting my shingle out again and looking for web design jobs. If you know anyone who needs website help, them as can pay some, feel free to point them my direction.

2. After saying I’ve got no money, I’m going to take a moment and be hypocritical. I finally bought the 42in LCD TV I’ve had my eye on for about a year. There’s been saving up for it and I finally pulled the trigger. There might also be some setting up of an antenna, as it turns out that the local TV stations broadcast in HD. This is great because I might even get rid of cable TV altogether.

3. Those of you who’ve sat and discussed politics know I’m pretty radical on many issues, though I average out as a centrist as I’m way left on some things and way right on others. Right now, though, I have extra-special despising of a politician on either side. First, shut up Pat Robertson. Pat, even if you’re right (and I sincerely doubt that you are), and this is all because of a deal with the devil, it’s un-Christian of you to harp on that while people are suffering.

Yet, he’s not the worst politician going right now. I have to give that honor to Martha Coakley. Robertson may be saying crappy things, but his people are not actively assaulting others. No matter how entitled you may or may not be to a political position, your people do not have the right to knock down and assault people, even if they’re media. You also don’t get to, especially in Massachusetts, criticize or look down on shaking hands outside of Fenway Park. Isn’t that what a politician is supposed to do? Especially in Massachusetts? Meet people? Average people? Not union bosses or Democratic leaders, but real people? Here’s my endorsement for Hottie McAwesome, as some gay bloggers are calling Scott Brown.

4. Speaking of politics, I’ve been against the health-care bill all along not because I don’t want universal health care, but because I knew a hurried, pushed-through bill would be wretched. And I was right. Nebraska never has to worry about paying some aspects again, but every other state does? Now union-negotiated health care packages can opt out of paying as well, simply to bring unions on board? The more I see of this bill, the more I dislike it, and frankly, the more I wonder how constitutional it is. If it passes, expect a horde of 14th Amendment challenges to it, and those challenges will often be valid.

5. Back to the TV. I had a Blu-Ray player, which now I can get full 1080p value out of. What are my first two Blu-Ray discs? Firefly series disks and Boondock Saints. Can I get a “shiny!” and a “fuck!” from the crowd? 🙂

6. I was excited about this Dallas Cowboys team all summer. I predicted 11-5 and a Super Bowl. So far, so good. I haven’t been so excited about the Cowboys in nearly 20 years. Even went they went 13-3 in 2007 I knew they were living on luck and it ran out against the Giants. This year, they’re just playing well. Even if they lose on Sunday, I’ll be pleased with the 2009 edition. That being said, GO COWBOYS!!!!

7. And though I don’t have the HDMI cable yet and so can’t get full value of Blu-Ray and HD, and even though it’s just a DVD and not Blu-Ray at all, 13th Warrior on this TV is *amazing*. Yes, 13th Warrior was the first thing I watched on it. Shocking, I know 🙂

8. I finally felt good today, for the first time since the middle of December. I still have gunk in my lungs, and I will just have to get used to using an inhaler prior to fighting, but other than that, I’m pretty darn healthy for 41.

9. I had to get new license plates today and I changed them. I have enjoyed having RHODRI on my tags, but it always felt a little arrogant to me. I fell much better now as I will soon have Calontir tags with FYRDMN on them.

10. is for everything everything everything.