Well, here I am in Leeds. I’m at a Comfort Inn. I know, I know, but it is right next to the train station in a building which has been a hotel a long time and well, it’s right next to the Leeds CAMRA pub for 2005.

What is CAMRA you ask? Well, it’s the CAMpaign for Real Ales. This is a political party I can support. Anyway, I had a Norman’s Conquest Ale (not great), a Cromwell Bitter (tasty), a Hungry Nettle Ale (good), and a different bitter I don’t remember to close the night because I had four pints in two hours :).

Anyway, tomorrow, I’m off to the RAM and then I’m not sure. York calls, but I’m told it’s swamped this time of year and I’m not sure I don’t want to go to Salisbury now.

We’ll see. The train provides a lot of flexibility.

For now, though, Cheers mates.

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  1. You get suckier and suckier every fricking day.

    I was at an event in the pouring rain yesterday.

    You are at a CAMRA winner.

    You are *so* buying the beer at Pennsic.

    1. What!?! I think not. I mean, here I am slaving away to provide entertainment to you. I think it’s you that ought… cough cough. I knew I couldn’t say that with a straight face.

  2. Salisbury is very very beautiful. The cathedral is one of the prettiest in England and that is saying something. Stonehenge may not be worth your effort, I didn’t find it so. Too many tourists. But Salisury is lovely. Besides, the Magna Carta is there and it is the best copy in the world, and there is a fab collection of seals and old documents in the chapter house. And, there is a church cat, called Wolfie…

    The Avon is lovely, and Old Sarum is also worth it. But do that when you are closer to London, and take a good day or two to see all the sights on the Plain.

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