New Photo Blog

Greetings all, I have just started another blog, one focusing on pictures that I find for whatever reason interesting.

This new blog is at:

And some day I’ll post here on LiveJournal seriously again 🙂

For now, let me just say my life is very busy. I am taking two language classes this semester and that was not the best thing I could have done. They’re fun classes in and of themselves, but taken together they are a ton of work.

In several weeks I will present my first conference paper. In the midst of my languages, my medieval philosophy class, and my sections which I’m teaching, I have to finish that this week.

There’s probably lots more I should add, but hey, I have to get a new photo up in the new blog.

4 thoughts on “New Photo Blog”

    1. I’m thinking I will be coming to K’zoo, but it’s on the wrong weekend and I may not be able to.

      What’s your phone and snail mail address? Can you email that to me at That way I have the info now if I am coming. I’ll know soon, and basically it depends on if I can someone to cover for my presence during my final.

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