Bellewode Symposium

Bellewode Symposium was a very relaxed event. There was originally no fighting, but Ermenrich and Roberto helped me arrange to have fighting at least available. Since there was no advertised fighting, though, Liam, Fathmbjorn, and I were the only ones who suited up.

Since there were only 3 of us, we weren’t too anxious to fight. We fought for about half an hour once some mundanes came by and asked if we were going to fight. We hung out and talked about fighting and had a beer in the sun and eventually took a bit of a nap in the grass. How’s that for a hobby? 🙂

But it was a fun event. I even danced, once in a class, once at the ball later that night. The first was because Tristram ‘suggested’ it would be good for the fyrdmen. The second was because Slaine dragged me out.

The result? Confirmation that I can’t dance 🙂 I have the rhythm of a tumbleweed.

Court was nice and short, though I was a little confused at the start. I forgot that Dongal had not yet sworn fealty and been invested as King’s Champion so I was expecting him to be next to me up front so we were a beat or two late beginning to process in.

Other than the dance, the ball was pretty relaxing too. I sat around and chatted mostly. I’m sure that’s going to shock all of you, me sitting around and talking.

Crashed at Roberto and Helena’s, and it was very nice there. They really went out of their way for their guests and Roberto cooks a mean breakfast.

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  1. Grass is still soaking wet up here, but the weather finally warmed up today to a balmy 66.
    Now if it can only stay like this for another, say, 4 months….

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