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I’m currently making entries from the Flat Branch Saloon, a brewpub in Columbia that has wireless. It’s a good place.

Happily though, I may not have to worry about it much longer. I have put in a bid on a house here in Columbia and I believe it has been accepted. Of course, it won’t be a done deal until I get the keys, but I’m excited and much more confident that by the end of May, I’ll have my own place.

I love to drive. I’ve averaged over 1000 miles a week since 1 January, 2004. It’s been great and I’ve gotten to see and do a lot of wonderful things. Being a vagabond has been fun and cool and neat.

Being a vagabond is also exhausting. I will treasure having a home and so many small little things that come with it.

Since years ago the earth enshrouded
My lord in its darkness and I left there grieving
In search of a hall, a sharer of treasure
To find one – wherever – far or near, who knew maybe of mine
Or who was willing to further a friendless man

I’m tired of lashing sleet and snow allied with hail. I want and I need my hall. And now I see the silver lining that has been in the stormclouds of this Wanderer’s soul.

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