St. George and the Dragon

St. George and the Dragon is the traditional event of Oakheart, the shire in Springfield, Missouri. I was in the midst of house hunting so I spent Friday in Columbia and just figured I’d get a hotel room in Springfield instead of camping.

Unfortunately, I forgot that Southwest Missouri State might have graduation at some point and I had a heck of a time finding a hotel room. Nevertheless, I got to St. George well ahead of Their Majesties.

I had had a major pain in the back, and I decided not to push things and fight that day. I also don’t particularly care for any of the forms of bushkazi, which was the primary entertainment. Again, I spent some of the day marshaling, but I wasn’t the only one not really into fighting and there were a ton of marshals so I spent the day mostly hanging out. Unfortunately, I didn’t hang out with Katrine enough and she got bored and I got chastised.

The day was very lazy and laid back. After the fighting we did court, which went well, although I did have to maneuver around a new obstacle, His Highness on his throne. Always they increase the difficulty factor. After court they did an auction and I bid on a couple of items, but was cruelly overbid.

The feast was very tasty, but somewhat uncomfortable, given the seating arrangement and the fact that it was outside. It was good, though, and that makes up for a lot. The only real problem was the person who was announcing the courses, he set off my creep meter, sang horribly, and interrupted the dancing that was going on between removes.

Next was a torchlight tourney, which I helped marshal. Aaron beat Kilian to become Shire Champion and after that was the sitting around and singing, which went on until around 2.

At that point, I wasn’t tired nor had I drunk much so I just decided to get on the road. I was headed back to Wichita so I drove towards that way looking for a convenient hotel. I didn’t find one so I slept in my car for a little, proceeded on until I got tired again, napped again, and finally made it back to Wichita around 9am. At that point, I went to bed for serious sleep.

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