War College

This was an event I was really looking forward to as I have always enjoyed it. I again enjoyed it, though my timing seemed to be a little off-kilter all day. This, however, is no fault of the hosts, the Shire of Amleth Moor. There was actually no site or lunch fee, it was a free event and Her Majesty’s local group did very well.

I think the primary reason I was so off was that I had closed on my house Friday.

I got there way early so I waited for everything to start. The classes were scheduled to start at 10, but I got there around 8 to in case Her Majesty needed help.

The first class I took was Clef’s sergeanting class. I followed that up with Duncan MacTorquill’s polearm in a shieldwall class. Both were useful classes, but they were aimed at less experienced fighters than I.

Following that was lunch, which was provided by the Shire. Following this was the active fighting. I helped with a variety of authorizations and then the War Maneuvers began. That went well, but I had to leave a little early to get ready for court.

After court, Ferd, Rebecca, Faramach and I went and terrorized the Outback. We then went out to the post-revel at Katrine and Eric’s house. They had a huge bonfire, fireworks, and Ferd, so you know there was weirdness. The highlight for me was mentioning to Pavel that a friend of mine who is fairly new was curious about broccoli. At about this time, the skies opened up and we had to hear the story inside, but the look on her face at the end of the story was priceless.

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