Rob’s Update: Non Cogito

Week 7 of 2021

Greetings all

It’s been an exhausting but productive week. I went on a fairly small trip this past weekend that proved far more productive than expected. Then, however, my ongoing weirdness with my Achilles flared up. We think it’s because I’ve lost so much weight that it hasn’t really adjusted. In any case, I didn’t get much sleep so I’m running around in a more whimsical mood.

But, as I said, despite the lack of sleep, especially yesterday, and the recovery from the trip, it was a very productive week. Got more written on the The Ravening of Wolves and I expect that to proceed quickly over the next couple of weeks.

I also worked on a number of projects for New Mythology. These are going at the speed I’d anticipated. This included accepting my second submission. Want to know the first submission? Well, read on, my friends, I will make the announcement in the New Mythology Press section below.

And with that, it’s time to spend time with the sweetie.

What I’m Listening To

Tyr’s Excavation. Tyr is a Faroese Band that does Norse-themed metal. This particular song was a big hit among re-enactors some time ago because it had a great video. It wouldn’t have mattered if it wasn’t a great song. It’s one of my hit repeat songs.

Quote of the Week

Rene Descartes died on this day in 1650, and my black-humored soul can’t resist.

“Non cogito ergo non sum.”
Descartes as he’s dying, probably

New Mythology Works in Progress

The first submission I accepted was a really cool story about a half-dragon involving an intricate magic system, dragons, and aircraft carriers. It’s also filled with excellent political intrigue and lots of great action. It’s called Across the Endless Ocean by G. Scott Huggins.

Some of you may be familiar with that name. He was the winner of Baen’s yearly fantasy award in 2020 and was runner up in 2014, so he’s clearly talented. I’m honored to bring him on board with New Mythology Press. You’re going to love this story.

As mentioned, we’ve several projects in the queue besides that one. The next two novels are the third of the Moniah series by Barbara V. Evers and the second of the Balance of Kerr series by Kevin Steverson.

But we know you want more and I’ve got more coming. Tune in next week for another announcement.

Rob’s Works in Progress

  • The Ravening of Wolves (44,113)
  • Rick Blaine (8,845)
  • CB (8,418)
  • Cynewulf (8,642)
  • Gato (2,312)

Upcoming Events

New Releases

This week we have another BookBub special as well as a new release. Redacted Affairs, by the Kevins (Steverson and Ikenberry) is available for at least a little longer for $0.99. You can find it here:

But wait, we can even do better than that! Watchers of Moniah, the first of the Moniah trilogy, is now available for free as part of this month’s IASFA promotion. You have 3 more days to get it for $0.00. Which, let me just say, is a price you just can’t beat for a great story. You can find this one here:

We also have a new release from Tim C. Taylor, The Fall of Rho-Torkis. This is mil-sf and I’ve been waiting on this. Taylor’s a fun writer, and I’d say that if he hadn’t invited me across the pond to share pints at a pub. You can find this here:

Today’s Weight: 341.8

Updated Word Count: 6,734

Shijuren Wiki: 725 entries

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the website, this email, or cool story ideas at Especially let me know of suggestions you have for the Spotlight section.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rob Howell

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  • Under a Midnight Clear (Nick Patara, PI, Book 2) (Forthcoming)
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