Interview: Jake Bible

Another writer who’s in the Four Horsemen anthologies. I’m looking forward to getting to know him.

Interview: Jake Bible
Jake Bible
Jake Bible

What is your quest?

My quest is to continue writing novels that my fans/readers enjoy. I currently have 60 published novels by three small press publishers, but I still have plenty in me. I’ve also started stretching my writing skills by writing screenplays and TV pilot scripts. Fingers crossed my TV agent came make that dream come true!

What is your favorite color?

I always aim to create fun, action-packed, humorous scenes and dialogue. I need to make myself excited, make myself laugh, make myself want more when I go back and read what I’ve written. If I’m not enjoying the story/characters/dialogue then how can I expect my readers to? (Rob’s Note: This is so true)

Flipside Cover
Flipside Cover

What is the average flying speed of an unladen paint brush?

The constant ups and downs of the publishing world are a little frustrating. Okay, more than a little frustrating. The current climate in publishing is chaos. What had been stable genres are now being upended by new players. What had been sure things are now questionable because the strategies for success are ever changing. I’d love a little stability, now and again, but I guess I’m in the wrong industry for that. Le sigh…

What are the powers of your personal Holy Hand Grenade?

I am a prolific writer. I can write a 75K word novel in four weeks, including editing. I write fast and I write tight. Some editing is needed, but the majority of the time I’m able to get things done the right way the first time. I am also a varied writer when it comes to genre. I don’t stick to just scifi, but write fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, thrillers, humor, and in all age groups. It’s impossible to pin me down. I hope that’s a good thing…

Lightning Round

Roak Cover
Roak Cover
  • Favorite Muppet? Animal.
  • Crunchy or Creamy? Creamy.
  • Favorite Sports Team? Seahawks.
  • Cake or Pie? I refuse to choose.
  • Lime or Lemon? Lime.
  • Favorite Chip Dip?  Ranch. Ranch is the dip to rule them all!
  • Wet or Dry? Wet? No, dry. No, wet. Wet…
  • Favorite Musical Performer We’ve Never Heard Of? In the age of Spotify, I don’t think unheard of performers exist. Sky Cries Mary comes to mind.
  • Whisky or Whiskey? Whiskey.
  • Favorite Superhero? My wife.
  • Steak Temperature? Still alive, since I’m vegetarian.
  • Favorite 1970s TV show? Six Million Dollar Man
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? All you have to do is call and I’ll be there. ‘Cause you’ve got a friend.
  • Favorite Pet?  We have two rescue chows, so I can’t choose because they are both awesome.
  • Best Game Ever? Poker.
  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.
  • Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Yes.

What question(s) would you like to ask me?

What do you consider to be you at your peak potential? When are you happiest with your output?

Rob’s Answer: Whew. Another tough question. I don’t know that I can answer that because I don’t think I’ve gotten there yet. I’ve had some insanely productive times, but I’ve also had some less so. I need to get more consistent, and once I do I think I’ll be much stronger.

I will also say I’ll never reach my peak. It’s a truism, but I get better every time I write. I’ve had help from my editors, too, who make me understand why something is a mistake so I can understand the craft better. I think I’m a good writer, but at the journeyman level right now. Mastery only comes with more practice.

Z Burbia Cover
Z Burbia Cover

Tell me again where we can find your stuff?

I have new releases coming out monthly. Best way to find those are to sign up for my newsletter. Never any spam! Click here! Or just go to my website at

And where can we find you?

I co-host the Asheville/WNC Writers Coffeehouse every month at ZaPow pop art gallery in Asheville, NC. Usually third Mondays of the month (but sometimes changes). Come out and see me if you’re in the area.

Do you have a creator biography?

Jake Bible is a Bram Stoker Award nominated-novelist, short story writer, independent screenwriter, podcaster, and inventor of the Drabble Novel. He has entertained thousands with his modern pulp fiction tales. Jake reaches audiences of all ages with his uncanny ability to write a wide range of characters and genres.

Jake is the author of 55+ novels, including the bestselling Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter series of space crime novels, the bestselling Z-Burbia series set in Asheville, NC, the bestselling Salvage Merc One, and the MEGA series for Severed Press. He is also the author of the YA zombie novel, Little Dead Man, the Bram Stoker Award nominated Teen horror novel, Intentional Haunting, the middle grade ScareScapes series, and the Reign of Four series for Permuted Press. As well as Stone Cold Bastards and the Black Box, Inc novels for Bell Bridge Books.

Jake hosts and produces a semi-weekly podcast,

Writing In Suburbia, where he gives his take on being a full-time professional writer while also living a suburban life as a father and husband.

Final question for you: What should I have asked but did not? 

You should have asked how I got started?

I started writing professionally in 2008 when I released my first novel as a free podcast on iTunes. This was just before the Kindle hit the market, so if you wanted to get your work out there digitally, podcasts were the way to go. I made a ton of friends that I still have today and was lucky enough to know folks like Scott Sigler before they hit it big. I still podcast today, although not my fiction. I host the podcast Writing In Suburbia where I talk about being a writer in a suburban setting and how I go about living a normal life. Because, surprisingly, writers are people too!

Thanks to Jake for taking the time to answer my questions.

If you have any suggestions or comments about this interview format, let me know so I can keep tweaking it.

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Have a great day.

Rob Howell

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