The Dangers of Peer Pressure

The peer in question is trimguy. One result behind the cut, the other coming later.

Katrei’s Pelican Scroll Text
Since human memory is short and does not suffice for a crowd of things, the authority of those rulers who preceded Our age, have decreed that great deeds were to be written down which the progress of fleeting time generally removes from the knowledge of men.

And We, Luther rex and Mærwynn regina, have seen great deeds from Our subject Katrei Grunenberg that We command to be written so that they never be removed from human knowledge.

We have seen that she has followed the advice of Roger Bacon, who has said that only through experience can mankind truly revel in the truth of things. Hence, she has helped make a place for Our newer artisans to gain new experience creating works that make Us joyful.

We have seen that she has completed the course of study required for a degree of Medicine by the ancient and noble University of Paris. That she has learned from the works Galen and Theophilus and Hildegard of Bingen and Nicholas of Salerno and of others.

We have seen that she has then cared for the sick of Our realm. That she has compassionately cared for and treated the sick according to her judgment and the circumstances of that time.
She has ensured that the sick in her care never lacked for light, be it day or night, that they might be healed quicker.

We have also seen that she has not only provided such care for the people in the time of Our reign and Our predecessors, but that she has also provided help to all whom she has encountered. All kingdoms and lands in the Knowne World have benefitted from her efforts, and she is recognized from Eastern forests to Western deserts.

Hence, We, Luther rex and Mærwynn regina make it known to the faithful of Our kingdom and those of good will in realms throughout the world that, on the petition of our beloved Order of the Pelican, we have decreed that Katrei Grunenberg be elevated and joined to that beloved Order and receive all patents and titles deserving of that Order.

Henceforth, she shall have the right to ascend or go down the rivers of Our realm under Our protection for her persons and goods, and on other waters in other parts of Our kingdom that she might continue to heal Our subjects. If anyone presumes to use force against her or to injure her, he or she will be deprived of Our favor forever. In order that these rules may be safe and secure We have ordered Our seal to be put to this charter on the 28th day of March, Anno Societatis XLIII, in Our Barony of Forgotten Sea.

4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Peer Pressure”

  1. Well done, indeed

    There were some nice little gems that I thought I had heard during the ceremony, but could only confirm upon rereading.

    She has ensured that the sick in her care never lacked for light, be it day or night, that they might be healed quicker.

    snailstichr wondered about this line, but I though it meant she supplied nightlights to drunk huiscarls.

  2. Hey… that’s really cool! 🙂 Such a way with words….

    Btw, I friended and since he’ll never realize who it is by my LJ name, would you clue him in if he asks? 🙂

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