Live-Blogging New York at Dallas 1st Quarter

OK, so I’m going to try this and see what happens.

So far, the Giants had a nice start, but I see a number of encouraging things. The run defense was stout. The defense on the really long play was actually really good but the Giants executed it well.

I’m not also all that worried about the somewhat slow start on offense. The Cowboys and Tony Romo have been consistently slow starters.

3rd & 3 on second drive…. and a nice little swing pass to Tashard Choice for just enough for a first down.

7:48 update
I think the Cowboys will be getting a bunch of 7-9 plays this year with Jason Witten sitting in zones.

Nice play by Kiwanuka to stop a first down where Barber had a lane.

Wow, nice push by Choice to get another first down. The Cowboys will also have a lot of people contributing to this offense. I really really like the versatility.

And just as I say that, Marion Barber with a 27 yard run… lovely blocking at the point of attack and really good downfield block by Roy Williams.

And now an 11 yard pass to the 2 directed to Martellus Bennett.

Leading to an easy TD for Barber.

Let’s see, that drive included passes to both TEs and had 2 RBs making key runs.

Very Nice

Dallas 7 NY 3

I said in my preseason predictions ( that I thought the Cowboys would have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. A lot of people thought I was crazy because we were losing the contributions of Terrell Owens. My thought, however, was that with 4 good WRs, 3 very good RBs, a great QB and 2 great TEs, that if they stayed healthy and the offensive line played well teams would struggle to figure out what to defend. I think I’m being proved right.

Nice play by Spencer, who needs to have a good year.

My biggest surprise from last year was the fact that the Cowboys had 0 sacks after leading the NFL with 59 last year. I think they’ll have that many or more this year, but as yet still none.

Nevertheless, they’re getting good pressure. Nice hit by Ware on Manning to cause an incompletion. Actually Bobby Carpenter on the body hit, though it looks like Ware hit his arm.

Basically I’m predicting a really good Cowboys team because I saw significant improvements to the offense, defense, and the special teams. Some of those improvements were just having some injured players coming back, like Felix Jones, but this is a good team in a lot of places.

This series has had two nice defensive plays to start by the Giants.

Make that three as Romo throws a pick-6. The Giants have a really good defense front 7, and it showed right there. However, Romo made a bad underthrow to Crayton there too.

Wow, not a good sequence for the Cowboys. What might have been a nice return turned into a fumble by Felix Jones.

2 turnovers this week to none last week. I believe that the Cowboys are a much better team, but giving the ball away….

Bradie James with a nice hit to hold up Jacobs, but Manning had protection and made a nice throw.

Good first down stuff of Jacobs, with a nice play by Brooking.

So far, it looks like what we expected in the first quarter. Two teams that will trade punches. The edge obviously to the Giants because of turnovers.

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