How Ironical

So, today was a good day to die… repeatedly. For the first time since September or so I fought. I was wretched, but got better as the practice went on. I feel great, with one nice sore spot from Mathieu LeCroix. In fact, I feel better than I have a right to expect given how long its been.

But that’s not the ironical part. There were two very ironical things I saw on the way tonight.

One, there’s finally no doubt that the bloom is off the Obama. For the first time since he was inaugurated, there were peace protesters at the corner they’re usually at. Now, I get the desire for peace, but my conversations with them tell me that they’re generally clueless moonbats who think Chamberlain handled Hitler better than Churchill. Of course part of that experience is the one guy who was protesting Iraq near the end of 2008 with the t-shirt that said Save Darfur, like that could happen without Army and Marine boots on the ground. Any, it was ironical that they’ve finally showed back up after over a year of waiting for Obama to do exactly what they wanted and he hasn’t.

Anyway, the second bit of irony is moderately connected, as I also passed by the Peace Nook, which is a store with a variety of interesting items and politics that one can guess by the name. They always have a flag flying from one of the parking meters in front of the store. They are usually appropriate flags, like rainbow ones for gay pride, and that sort of thing.

Today, the Peace Nook flew the Skull and Crossbones proudly.

Let me repeat that, the *Peace Nook* flew the Skull and Crossbones.

Yes, that Skull and Crossbones, that famed symbol of peace and love.

Again, I don’t mind pushing for peace, but get a freakin’ clue. History does tell us a thing or two, and some symbols have particular history.

PS This post has been dedicated to the peaceful spirit of Her Majesty Ealdormere.

6 thoughts on “How Ironical”

  1. Ya know…
    This is the rub for me.
    I could really give a good g*dd*mn WHAT your politics and religion are… as long as you can back up what you think with facts. Be logical, not emotional. Then we can discuss ANYTHING. And I may even change my position if you can give me facts and reasons.
    And I hate it when you try to start talking to people, and you begin to ask uncomfortable questions, and the first thing they do is call names because they don’t want to confront the fact that their emotions might have steered them wrong.
    I had the same question about saving Darfur… Maybe he meant that we were all supposed to adopt an orphan like Angelina?

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