Rob’s Update: FantaSci is Here!

Greetings all

FantaSci is here and it’s an abbreviated update because things are already going apace.

Here’s my official FantaSci schedule:

Friday 12pm: Pantzing in Camellia
Friday 3pm: Book Reading in Oak
Friday 4pm: Herding Kittens in Camellia
Friday 7pm (2 hrs): Songs of Valor Anthology in the Main Room
Friday 10pm: CKP/NMP Party in the Courtyard. Come a little early if you want to help set up.
Saturday 12pm: New Mythology Press in Rose
Saturday 1pm: Radio Waves: Podcast/Live Feeds in Rose
Saturday 4pm: Mystics and Magic in the Main Room
Sunday 9am: NMP Kaffeeklatsch in Camellia

I’ll be around for a number of other things throughout the weekend.

For those of you who are fans of the Foresters, I’ll be debuting the Foresters dress uniform at the Dining Out on Saturday evening.

With that, I’m off to go work. I’ll give a complete AAR next week.


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