A Week From Monday

Greetings all

A week from Monday, August 2nd, many of us will be at Pennsic. If you’re there for the first Monday, please come by my tent at dusk for a singing circle. My tent will be located where it’s been the past few years catty-corner from the Performing Arts tent in N05.

If you get to the corner of Chandler’s and Kurdson’s look for the incinetron πŸ™‚

Unless you like India Pale Ales or American Pale Ales, I would suggest you bring your own beverages (That’s not entirely true, there’ll be other things, but I’m really looking forward to Erie Brewing Company’s Misery Bay IPA and Mad Anthony APA, so it’s mostly true :).

Please note that I had originally planned this for Tuesday the 3rd, but I have moved it Monday night so that we can all go down and sing at Harpwood Hall at their circle.

Hope to see all of you there.

15 thoughts on “A Week From Monday”

      1. Yeah, I didn’t figure I’d get a lot of mileage out of that comment. πŸ™‚ Nonetheless, I expect to miss Pennsic a whole lot more than I missed Lilies, for two reasons:
        (1) I actually, of the two, prefer Pennsic, if I have to choose.
        (2) When Lilies was going on, I was touring Scotland. When War Week is going on, I will be reporting back to work for the new school year.

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